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ABSTRACTA (3) 2000

Artigos Publicados em Periódicos

P020-00 Development of cardiomyocite hypotrophy in rats under prolonged treatment with a low dose of a nitric oxide synthesis inhibitor de Oliveira CF, Cintra KA, Teixeira SA, De Luca IMS*, Antunes E, De Nucci G Chronic administration of the nitric oxide synthesis inhibitor N(omega)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) to rats causes hypertension and morphological abnormalities in the heart, consisting mainly of ventricular hypertrophy and foci of necrosis and fibrosis. Since these phenomena have usually been described with high or moderate doses of L-NAME, this study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of a low dose of L-NAME on 2, 4 and 6 months of treatment. Our results show that chronic treatment of rats with a low dose of L-NAME for prolonged periods (up to 6 months) causes arterial hypertension accompanied by significant reductions in heart weight, left ventricular weight indexes, and cardiomyocyte size. European Journal of Pharmacology, 391(1-2):121-126, 2000 IF = 2,047 *e-mail:

P021-00 Histologic effect of mitomycin C on strabismus surgery in the rabbit Minguini N, Monteiro de Carvalho KM, Akaishi PM, De Luca IMS* In order to evaluate the efficiency of mitomycin C (MMC) in limiting the postoperative inflammatory response and scarring after strabismus surgery, a prospective, two-stage, masked, controlled trial was conducted. In the first stage, the inflammatory response at the extraocular muscle reattachment site was increased in eight rabbits. In the second stage, MMC (0.4 mg/ml) was applied during surgery to the eyes of 22 rabbits with inferior rectus recession. Contralateral eyes (control) were treated with saline solution. Seven weeks later, exenteration was performed, and the sites of muscle reattachment were processed for histologic examinations. There was no significant inhibitory effect of MMC on the inflammatory response of treated eyes compared with that of control eyes. The intraoperative use of MMC was not effective in controlling the postoperative inflammatory response in rabbit eyes after extraocular muscle surgery. Our data do not support the hypothesis that MMC reduces posoperative adhesions after strabismus surgery. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 41(11): 3399-401, 2000 IF = 4,858 *e-mail:
P022-00 GM-1 ganglioside treatment reduces motoneuron death after ventral root avulsion in adult rats Oliveira ALR*, Langone F In the present study we tested the neuroprotective and local anti-inflammatory effects of monosialoganglioside (GM-1) after an initial 150mg/kg body weight dose, followed by the daily administration of 100mg/kg body weight for two weeks. The results showed a statistically significant enhancement of surviving motoneurons with good morphological preservation. Our results indicate that the administration of GM-1 in high doses during the critical period of motoneuron death after avulsion is neuroprotective, and diminishes local inflammation. Neuroscience Letters, 293(2): 131-134, 2000. IF = 2.085 *E-mail:
P023-00 Differential Schwann cell migration in adult and old mice: an in vitro study Santos Jr A, Wada ML, Langone F, Oliveira ALR* It is well known that SCs are essential for WD to occur, since they produce neurotrophic factors and organize themselves within the so-called bands of Büngner that precede axonal regeneration. Then, we have studied in vitro, the influence of aging on the SC proliferation, migration and viability. SCs were cultured from sciatic nerve explants obtained from adult (six months old) and old (two years old) C57BL/6J isogenic mouse. After 20 days of culture, the samples were processed for immunohistochemistry using S100 antibody for SC detection. The results showed that adult derived SCs migration is stimulated with FCS and that this capacity is highly diminished with aging. Brain Research 881(1): 73-76, 2000. IF = 2.302 *E-mail:
P024-00 Non-neuronal cells are not the main limiting factor for the low axonal regeneration in C57BL/6J mice Oliveira ALR*, Langone F The peripheral axonal regeneration was investigated in adult male mice from C57BL/6J, BALB/cJ and A/J strains and from their F1 descendants, using a pre-degenerated nerve transplantation model. Donors had the left sciatic nerve transected and two weeks later, a segment of the distal stump was transplanted to the recipient. Four weeks after transplantation the regenerated nerves were used to record the total number of regenerated myelinated fibers (TMF), diameter of myelinated fibers (FD) and myelin thickness (MT). The highest TMF values were obtained in the groups where C57BL/6J was the donor. When C57BL/6J was the graft donor, FD was the highest and MT was not statistically different when compared with the other groups. The morphometrical results reinforce the idea that the Schwann cells and the nerve environment of C57BL/6J provide enough support to the regenerative process. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 33(12): 1467-1475, 2000. IF = 0.517 *E-mail:
P025-00 From plaque to pretzel: fold formation and acetylcholine receptor loss at the developing neuromuscular junction Marques MJ*, Conchello J-A, Lichtman JW We have studied the maturation of the AChR distribution and postsynaptic topography simultaneously by imaging labeled AChRs at the mouse neuromuscular junction in a new way, using reflected light confocal microscopy. We suggest that tension between growing muscle fibers and the relatively inelastic synaptic terminals that adhere to them causes the topographic features of the postsynaptic membrane. This view provides a mechanical explanation for gutters, folds, and the location of folds at sites of neurotransmitter release. The Journal of Neuroscience 20(10): 3663-3675, 2000. IF = 8.955 *
P026-00 Inhibition of acid phosphatase isoforms purified from mature soybean (Glycine max) seeds Ferreira CV, Taga EM, Aoyama H* Several compounds were studied as inhibitors of four soybean seeds acid phosphatase isoforms (AP1, AP2, AP3A and AP3B), with p-nitrophenylphosphate as substrate. Phosphate, o-vanadate, fluoride and molybdate were competitive inhibitors. Under the same conditions, p-chloromercuribenzoate and pyridoxal 5-phosphate had no significant effects, suggesting that cysteine and lysine residues are not in the active site of the four isoforms. Journal of Enzyme Inhibition 15: 403-410, 2000 IF = 1.295 *E-mail:
P027-00 Cytotoxicity of okadaic acid and kinetic characterization of protein tyrosine phosphatase activity in V79 fibroblasts Aoyama H*, Melo PS, Granjeiro PA, Haun M, Ferreira CV Some kinetic properties of a protein phosphatase obtained from V79 cells were described. Apparent Km and specificity constant values, for tyrosine phosphate (TyrP) as substrate, were determined. Inhibitions were observed in the presence of 100 mM p-chloromercuribenzoate (70%), 10 mM fluoride (30%), 10 mM phosphate (40%), 100 mM m-vanadate (80%) and 100 mM o-vanadate (90%). Inhibition by vanadate and low Km value for TyrP suggest that the V79 phosphatase is a protein tyrosine phosphatase. The enzyme activity was stimulated when the cells were treated with okadaic acid, a Serine/Threonine protein phosphatase inhibitor. Pharmaceutical and Phrmacology Communications 6: 331-334, 2000 *E-mail:
P028-00 Variações estruturais e florísticas da vegetação de carrasco do planalto de Ibiapaba, estado do Ceará Araújo FS, Martins FR, Shepherd GJ Revista Brasileira de Biologia 59(4): 663-678, 2000. *E-mail:;
P029-00 Pleurothallis fabiobarrosii, a new Brazilian species: morphological and genetic data with notes on the taxonomy of Brazilian rupicolous Pleurothallis Borba EL, Felix JM, Semir J, Solferini VN Lindleyana 15: 2-9, 2000. *E-mail:;

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