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ABSTRACTA (3) 2000

Artigos Publicados em Periódicos

P130-00 The liver monooxygenase system of Brazilian freswater fish Leitão MAS, Affonso EG, da Silva MFE, Meirelles NC, Rantin FT, Vercesi AE, Junqueira VBC, Degterev IA* Content of cytochromes b5 and P-450, and activities of NADPH-cytochrome c (P-450) reductase (NCR) and 7-ethoxyresorufin O-deethylase (EROD) were measured in liver microsomes from South American endemic fishes, Brycon cephalus and Colossoma macropomum, from tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, and from Swiss mice, Mus musculus, which served as a control. Strong hemoglobin binding to fish liver microsomal membranes (FLM) altered visible spectra of microsomal cytochromes making that special precautions during FLM preparation, including liver perfusion followed by repeated washing of microsomes, were required in the study of microsomal cytochromes from these fishes. FLM from all fish studied here had a significantly lower content of microsomal cytochromes but a similar level of NCR and EROD activities compared to mouse liver microsomes (MLM). The optical spectra of hemoglobin from B. cephalus and C. macropomum were analyzed and some differences in shape and relative extinction were observed compared to known hemoglobins. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C 126: (1) 29-38, 2000. IF = 0.655 *E-mail:

P131-00 Reposicionamento cirúrgico de um segundo molar inferior direito impactado com cárie - relato de caso Teixeira RG, Vidal BC*, Bastos EPS A técnica cirúrgica descrita no presente artigo é sugerida como opção no tratamento de segundos molares inferiores impactados, mesmo nos casos com patologias. O material de enxerto, ou seja, complexo de colágeno tipo 1 com hidróxiapatita, empregado com a finalidade de contenção do segundo molar inferior impactado e reposicionado, além de mantê-lo mecanicamente em sua nova posição, atuou também como substância ósseo-indutora, justificando assim sua utilização. Jornal Brasileiro de Ortodontia & Ortopedia Facial 5(30): 76-81, 2000. *E-mail:
P132-00 Polyphenism and population biology of Eurema elathea (Pieridae) in a disturbed environment in tropical Brazil Vanini F, Bonato V, Freitas AVL* A population of E. elathea was studied from May 1996 to May 1997 in a disturbed environment in suburban Campinas, southeastern Brazil. The population showed fluctuations in numbers throughout the study period, with well-marked peaks of abundance in June-July, November-December and February. Sex ratio was male biased in four months and the time of residence was higher in the dry season. Both sexes were polyphenic; paler phenotypes occurred in the dry season and darker phenotypes in the wet season. Differences in behavior were attributed to adaptation to seasonally different environments Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society, 53 (4): 159-168, 2000. *E-mail:
P133-00 Daily activity of ants associated with the extrafloral nectaries of Turnera ulmifolia (Turneraceae) in a suburban area in Southeast Brazil Cogni R, Raimundo RG, Freitas AVL* The ant fauna visiting the extrafloral nectaries (EFNs) of the weed Turnera ulmifolia (Turneraceae) was monitored day and night in a suburban area in Southeast Brazil. The ant density and number of occupied branches were both positively correlated with temperature, with the maximum activity of ants occurring between 12.00 and 15.00. A total of 16 ant species from four subfamilies were observed in the EFNs of Turnera, the Formicinae and Ponerinae. There was a clear daily turnover in ant species composition, with Brachymyrmex sp., Ectatomma quadridens and Camponotus aff. blandus dominating during the day, and Ectatomma spp. and a species of Camponotus in nighttime. We propose that the differences in the foraging rhythms and the relatively low species overlap promote resource partitioning in ant assemblages. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, 136: 141-147, 2000. *E-mail:
P134-00 Restriction enzyme analysis of DNA methylation in "condensed" chromatin of Ha-ras-transformed NIH 3T3 cells Mello MLS*, Chambers AF, Vidal BC, Planding W, Schenck U Increased amounts of chromatin higher order packing state have been described in NIH 3T3 cells transformed with the Ha-ras oncogene. Here we analyzed the role of DNA methylation in higher-order chromatin organization induced by Ha-ras. CpG-methylated DNA content was evaluated in "condensed" chromatin of NIH 3T3 cells differing in ras expression and ras-induced metastatic ability, but presenting nearly the same "condensed" chromatin areas. DNA evaluation was performed by video image analysis in cells previously treated with Msp I and Hpa II restriction enzymes, which distinguish between methylated and non-methylated DNA. The amount of methylated CpG sequences not digested by Hpa II in the "condensed" chromatin zones varied in the transformed cell lines, although the "condensed" chromatin areas of these cells did not. We suggest that the DNA CpG methylation status is not involved with the higher chromatin supraorganization elicited by ras transformation in the NIH 3T3 cell lines here studied. Analytical Cellular Pathology 20(4), 2000. IF = 0.986 *E-mail:
P135-00 Occurrence of xyloglucan containing protuberances in the storage cell walls of cotyledons of Hymenaea courbaril L Tiné MAS, Cortelazzo AL, Buckeridge MS Revista brasileira de Botânica 23: 413-417, 2000. *E-mail:
P136-00 Xyloglucan mobilisation in cotyledons of developing plantlets of Hymenaea courbaril L. (Leguminosae-Caesalpinoideae) Tiné MAS, Cortelazzo AL*, Buckeridge MS Plant Science 154: 117-126, 2000. IF= 1.015 *E-mail:

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