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Instituto de Biologia Unicamp
Abstracta 2002







Artigos Submetidos a Periódicos

S001-02 Interhabitat differences in ant activity on plant foliage: Ants at extrafloral nectaries of Hibiscus pernambucensis in sandy and mangrove forests
Cogni R, Freitas AVL, Oliveira PS*

S002-02 Image analysis of tendon helical superstructure using interference and polarized light microscopy
Vidal BC*

S003-02 Nuclear phenotypes and morphometry of human secretory prostate cells: a comparative study of benign and malignant lesions in Brazilian patients
Taboga SR, Santos AB, Gonzatti AGR, Vidal BC, Mello MLS*

S004-02 Spectrophotometry of eye pigments of the blood-sucking insect, Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)
Moraes AS, Pimentel ER, Rodrigues VLCC, Mello MLS*

S005-02 A new look at the hemolityc effect of local anesthetics, considering their real membrane/water partitioning at pH 7.4
Malheiros SVP, Gottardo L, Pinto LMA, Yokaichiya DK, Meirelles NC, de Paula E*

S006-02 Physico-chemical characterization of Benzocaine-beta-Cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
Pinto LMA, Fraceto LF, Santana MHA, Pertinhez TA, Oyama Jr S, de Paula E*

S007-02 Liposomal Systems for Bupivacaine and Mepivacaine
Araujo DR, Pinto LMA, de Paula E*

S008-02 Effect of foot-shock stress on glucocorticoid receptor and b-adreneceptor expression in right atria from rats
Santos IN, Souza EPM, Grassi-Kassisse DM, Marcondes FK, Sonir A, Spadari-Bratifisch RC

S009-02 Effect of topical application of caffeine associated or not with therapeutic ultrasound on the morphology of swine hypodermis
Pires-de-Campos MSM, Polacow MLO, Leonardi GR, Chorilli M, Spadari-Bratfisch RC*, Grassi-Kassisse DM




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