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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
I just got up, but I am not able to access. Whenever I do the login, I receive an error message saying that my e-mail is blocked. What should I do?
After completing the registration form, a message is sent by our system to your e-mail informed in the register. There will be a confirmation link in which you must click to make your login and password to log into the site.
I can not open the downloaded file.
The programs needed for viewing, as well as the compatibility of the files are specified in the datasheet of the software, which automatically opens when you select the file you want to download. In the schedule you will find the subtitle Technical Information , which are the prerequisites of the system and program (or plug-in) required to view the file. In the table below you can find instructions for the display of some types of files.
.avi, .wmv, .mpeg, .mpg or .mpeVideo file AVI, WMV, MPEG, MPG or MPEReal Player (Free).
>Click here to download the Real player
Install the program Real Player and then open the video AVI, WMV, MPEG, MPG or MPE with the program installed.
.exeExecutable file.Windows operating system.Open the file by double clicking on it.
.flaFile source of flash. Adobe Flash CS4 ( Free to try - 30 days of use ).
>Click here to download the Adobe Flash CS4
Open the file using the program Adobe Flash CS4 installed.
.flvVideo file FLVRiva FLV Player (Free).
>Click here to download the Riva FLV Player
Install the program Riva FLV Player and then open the FLV video with the program installed.
.movVideo file MOVQuickTime (Free).
>Click here to download the QuickTime
Install the program QuickTime and then open the MOV video file with the program installed.
.mp3 or .wavAudio file MP3 or WAVReal Player (Free).
>Click here to download the Real player
Install the program Real Player and then open the audio file MP3 or WAV with the program installed.
.odyAdventure file from ODISSEIAODI Player (Free).
>Click here to download the ODY Player
Run the ODI Player and load the downloaded .odi file.
.pdfPDF DocumentAdobe Reader (Free).
>Click here to download the Adobe Reader
Install the program Adobe Reader and then open the PDF document.
.swfFlash fileFlash plug-in.
>Click here to download the Flash Player(Internet Explorer)
>Click here to download the Flash Player (Netscape/Opera/Firefox)
Once installed the Flash plug-in, open the file using the browser on which you installed the plug-in.
.zipCompressed file, usually contains multiple files inside it.Program WinRAR ( Free to try - 45 days of use ) or similar.
>Click here to downloaded WinRAR
Open the file with WinRAR program or similar in a directory and uncompress. Then, check the extensions of the uncompressed files and follow the instructions again.
OthersFile format varied or unknown.Generally these files are part of the application or are used by softwares that we did not classify here.We do not encourage to open file formats unknown unless you know them. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by improper use of the unclassified files here.
To use the services of this site is charged a fee?
The services of this site are available free to all registered. There is no fee charged for the registration.
If you have other questions or concerns, get in contact with us.
ilustração rodapé
Educational Technology Laboratory
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Institute of Biology
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Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz
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Campinas SP, Brasil

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